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Recycling Banks

Our Recycling Banks (or Waste Recycling Banks) are ideal for the clean and safe storage, collection, transportation and disposal of recyclable waste such as food stuffs, clothes, glass and paper. They are manufactured in heavy duty steel with a variety of options to suit all your waste recycling needs.

Bottle Banks, Can Banks, Plastic Banks, Paper Banks, Textile Banks

Our Recycling Banks help the UK recycle approx. 50% of container glass (like bottles and jars). Glass is usually collected in Bottle Banks at recycling centers based at civic amenity sites and most supermarket car parks. We produce a range of top quality Glass and Bottle Banks that come either as a complete internal open compartment or supplied with internal separation panels generally for brown, green, clear glass and bottles.

Our Recycling Banks can be fully painted in your company colours in BS or RAL paints and we can arrange for your logo to appear via our Signage Service as a stencil or in vinyl graphics.

Lorry Lifting Bottle Bank
Lorry Loading Bottle Bank
Lorry Loaded with Recycling Banks
  • Standard 3 cu. m. and 10.5 cu. m. capacity - other sizes available on request
  • Single, Two or Three Compartment
  • Suitable for bottles, cans, plastic, paper or textiles
  • Banks primed and topcoated to customer's specification
  • Livery to customer's specification (Vinyl lettering available upon request)
  • Duo banks can be split to individual requirements

  • Self off-loading facilities
  • No contractor costs incurred
  • All operators fully trained
  • To suit skip lifting equipment
  • Capacity to deliver four at a time